miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Do you want to find cheap flight tickets?

Everybody wants to know : Hey why do you go to that place? or Was it so expensive? Where do you find that prices? Ok... this post is for them!!
First of all, this is the first time writing  in English so please help me to get better!!!
For me traveling is more than just take a plane and arrive to another place... is a better way to grow up and learn to think different.
It's to discover new cultures and get experiences and for sure to become a " worldwide citizen "
To get cheap ticket I  follow this steps :

1. Planification : You have to know more or less when do you want / can travel. Ok...I love spontaneous plans but if you want to save money is better to search with time. Surely it will be cheaper to flight next month than next week.

2. Know all routs and connections : Check airlines websites and discover all the connections between your city and the world. If you can't find the place where you want to go look for anyplace near to that and arrive to another way.

3.Check and Seach : Check all the dates and spend time for searching. Sometimes isn't so funny but I promise you that at the end you will find something interesting and you will travel!!!

4. Don't wait and take it! : Come on... if you find it...let's do it! Take it quickly if not it will become more expensive in few days. It's your chance ...!

5. Save money easily : Don't think about big luggage!! take a hand luggage and save money!
Another important thing is to take tickets from the oficial airline website , avoid intermediary websites.

6. If you prefer to travel spontaneously I suggest you this website DUNGLI 
This page is amazing! You have to take a place to take off and the website will show you a cheap destination. Do you dare to use it?

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